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Boltaron 9815E FAR Rated High Impact Sheet

Boltaron 9815E FAR Rated High Impact Sheet

Boltaron 9815E FAR Rated High Impact Sheet

Boltaron 9815E proprietary PVC/Acrylic alloy offers exceptional impact resistance
for an FAR 25.853 A1 F, Part IV (65/65) rated sheet, improving
the durability of aircraft interiors.

Newcomerstown, OH — Boltaron 9815E proprietary thermoplastic alloy offers greater impact resistance than competitive 6565-rated PVC/Acrylic sheet, making it an ideal material from which to thermoform high-performance interior components of commercial, military and private aircraft.

The sheet exhibits Izod impact resistance of 5.0 ft lbs/in (265 J/m), compared with 3.0 ft lbs/in (159 J/m) for alternative 65/65-compliant sheet, significantly improving the durability of aircraft interiors.

It also offers other exceptional physical properties, extreme formability and inclusion-free surface quality.

Typical applications include class dividers, dashboard enclosures, galley and lavatory components, video screen bezels, personal service units, seat parts, sidewall panels, tray tables, air ducts, bulkhead laminates, light housings, window reveals and moldings.

The sheet is offered in unlimited colors and in seven surface textures, in lengths to 120 in. (3048 mm), widths to 48 in. (1524 mm), thicknesses from .040 to .250 in. (1.02 to 6.35 mm) and in custom blank sizes.

Sheet products developed to meet the stringent 6565 fire rating must typically sacrifice impact resistance to do so, but the 9815E sheet retains outstanding impact qualities compared with competitive 6565-rated material.


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