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New Aircraft Interior Designer Kit for FAR Rated Thermoforming Sheet

New Aircraft Interior Designer Kit for FAR Rated Thermoforming Sheet

New Aircraft Interior Designer Kit for FAR Rated Thermoforming Sheet

New Designer Kit from Boltaron provides aircraft interior specifiers with the guidelines and samples needed to meet FAR requirements and improve physical properties while comparing colors, metallics, patterns, translucents and textures.
Newcomerstown, OH — A new Designer Kit from Boltaron contains product data, application guidelines and samples of FAR rated sheet products for thermoforming of aircraft interior components.

"The new kit helps aircraft interior designers and specifiers identify the optimum grade of fire-rated sheet for each application, and to select colors, patterns and textures that complement other components and surfaces of the aircraft interior," says Adam Mellen, Boltaron's Director.

Applications covered include thermoformed seat parts, tray tables, class dividers, dashboard enclosures, galley components, lavatory components, bull noses, video screen bezels, personal service units, gap covers, sidewall panels, window shades, air ducts, bulkhead laminates, housings, window reveals and moldings.

Detailed are: impact resistance to 192 percent greater than competitive 65/65 compliant FAR 25.853 (d) rated sheet products; fire certifications including FAR 25.853 A1 ii, FAR 25.853 (d), FAR 25.853 A1 F, ABD 0031, BSS 7230 and/or BMS 8-86M; resistance to chemicals and concentrated cleansers with no staining or fading; and extreme formability while maintaining uniform wall thickness.

Twelve of the most popular aircraft rated sheet grades are cross-referenced by fire rating, impact resistance, gauges, colors and surface textures.

While the selection of colors, metallics, textures, patterns and translucents is unlimited, the scope of aesthetic choices is represented by numerous sample strips that are removable, allowing mixing and matching of thermoplastics with other materials.


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