Colors, Patterns and Textures of PVC, PVC-alloy and CPVC Performance Sheet

Sheet for Flat and 3-D Laminating (Membrane Pressing)
of Wood-core Components for:
Cabinet Panels

Routed MDF panels membrane pressed with Boltaron 4065MP sheet resist impact, gouging and general abuse in high traffic environments.
  • Commercial furniture
  • Institutional furniture
  • Healthcare furniture
  • Store fixtures
  • Exhibits and displays
  • Point of purchase displays
  • Kiosks
Wood core substrates that are surfaced with Boltaron sheet can resist impact, abrasion, harsh cleansers and general abuse typical of commercial and institutional environments — while continuing to look new after years in the field.

Cabinetry and other parts that are flat laminated and edge banded with Boltaron sheet can eliminate the cracking and chipping associated with high pressure laminates and melamine, while parts that are membrane pressed with Boltaron sheet can also eliminate the unsightly seams and de-lamination associated with flat-laminated materials.

In addition, Boltaron sheet can be thermoformed, brake formed, machined, adhesive bonded, heat welded and mechanically fastened without cracking, allowing secondary operations and the production of brackets, housings, racks and other parts that match laminated components in color, texture and fire ratings.

Membrane pressing involves heating of Boltaron sheet which is drawn onto substrates using vacuum from below and (typically) pressure from above, encapsulating all three-dimensional shapes routed into the top and sides of wood substrates, including compound curves, detailed profiles, sharp corners, deep recesses, undercut edges, corporate logos, and wire management holes routed through the substrate.

Once cooled, parts are simply trimmed of excess sheet at their bottom edge and are ready to fasten.

The unlimited 3-dimensional possibilities offered by membrane pressing enable designers to create parts that are more stylish than possible using 2-dimensional laminates, and to eliminate sharp edges and outside corners that can cause injury or sustain damage. Typical membrane pressed components include:

  • Desktops and work surfaces
  • Cabinet doors
  • Drawer fascias
  • Partitions
  • Logo panels
  • Fixture bases and shelving
  • Hospital headboards/footboards
  • Protective kiosk panels
  • Podium panels
  • Lunch tables
  • Permanent POP displays
  • Numerous other 3-D wood core components intended for high traffic environments
In addition to outperforming high pressure laminates and melamines, Boltaron sheet surpasses competitive PVC/Acrylic alloy sheet products in important ways:

Wide range of PVC/Acrylic alloys with UL Std 94 V-0, UL Std 94 5V, ASTM E-84 and ASTM E-62 fire ratings. Also available non-fire-rated. Satisfies a wide range of performance and cost requirements while with meeting or exceeding fire standards if required.
Extruded grades in gauges down to 0.018 in. (0.46 mm) Extruded gauges down to 0.018 in. (0.46 mm), Boltaron 4065MP has the lowest minimum starting thickness available in high impact membrane press sheet, offering greater economy than competitive sheets offered in 0.022 in (0.56 mm) minimum thicknesses.In addition, the availability of matching heavy gauges up to 3.0 in. (76.2 mm) allows machining of thick parts identical in color, texture and properties to membrane pressable gauges of the same Boltaron grade.
Metallics with integral color, providing unmatched brilliance and scratch resistance Unlike competitive metallics that are reverse-printed with metallic ink on clear cap film laminated to dissimilar substrate material, Boltaron metallics are comprised of a cap film with integral metallic coloration, permanently fused to a matching "9815-grade" substrate of a complementary solid color, preventing de-lamination and offering unsurpassed scratch resistance. Since the 9815M monolithic cap film is a "metallized" version of Boltaron's 9815 solid color substrate, metallic color selection is unlimited.
Unlimited colors (including solids, translucents and metallics) with low minimums Unlimited custom colors with low minimums, no premiums and fast turnaround eliminates compromises associated with limited selections of standard colors, increasing customer satisfaction. Lot-to-lot color consistency allows undetectable field replacements.
16 Standard surface textures, and custom textures with low minimums An exceptionally large number of standard textures, and virtually unheard of custom texture availability with low minimums, enable thermoformers and fabricators to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding specifiers, and in many cases to upgrade the part specification.
Impact resistance to 20 ft-lbs/in (1059 J/m) Compare the impact resistance of Boltaron sheet with that of any competitive sheet and you may specify Boltaron on the basis of impact alone. With impact ratings to 20 ft-lbs/in (1059 J/m), Boltaron enables kiosks to withstand the abuse associated with high traffic environments while maintaining a like-new appearance.
Readily thermoformed and membrane pressed (3-D laminated) Among the greatest benefits of Boltaron sheet to building product manufacturers is its ability to conform to 3-D shapes created by thermoforming or membrane pressing — while maintaining uniform wall thickness.
Extreme chemical resistance Boltaron's PVC and PVC/Acrylic alloys are among the most chemical resistant of all plastics, allowing grime and graffiti to be removed repeatedly from building products using concentrated chemicals, with no adverse effects.

Boltaron offers the following specialized grades of PVC/alloys for membrane pressing:

  • Boltaron 1165
    Boltaron® 1165 sheet, extruded from select aircraft and electrical grade recycled trim and resin, provides an exceptional combination of UL 94 V-0 compliance, physical properties, consistent thermoforming and low cost compared with other flame rated sheet products.

  • Boltaron 4065MP
    Boltaron 4065MP is a proprietary, PVC/Acrylic alloy sheet designed for use in membrane pressing (3-D laminating) and flat laminating applications. It combines excellent impact strength, abrasion resistance, rigidity, durability, chemical resistance and fire retardancy, and affords designers the flexibility to incorporate unlimited three dimensional shapes while eliminating the slab-sided shapes, unsightly seams, edge banding and de-lamination associated with high pressure laminates. In addition, it is available in a wider range of thicknesses down to 18 mil (compared with competitive PVC/Acrylic alloys of 22 mil minimum thickness) enabling you to compete price-wise with thermofoil films while providing superior resistance to damage. Boltaron 4065MP carries a UL 94 V-0 fire rating.

  • Boltaron 4330M (Metallic)
    Boltaron 4330M is a proprietary, dual layer, metallic thermoplastic sheet. Boltaron 4330 offers a UL 94 V-0 rating and meets stringent FAA flammability requirements. Boltaron 4330M combines excellent impact strength, abrasion resistance, rigidity, and chemical resistance with superior thermoformability.

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