Exterior Sunroom Panels
Weatherable, Class 1A sheet tailor made for sunrooms, Florida rooms, patio enclosures and conservatories

UV Resistant sunroom panels

UV Resistant sunroom panels manufactured with Boltaron 4333W Rigiwall.

  • Boltaron 4333W
    Boltaron Rigiwall 4333W (W=weatherable) is a Class 1A fire rated, UL Standard 723 listed, PVC/Acrylic alloy formulated specifically as a UV resistant, durable, protective wall covering for sunrooms, Florida rooms, patio enclosures, conservatories and other panel-in-frame structures. It offers outstanding impact strength and resistance to abrasion, stains and concentrated chemicals. Boltaron Rigiwall 4333W is Corona treated on the backside for improved adhesion to EPS foam insulation, and is offered in gauges from 18 to 40 mils (4.6 to 10.2 mm). Integrally colored, the sheet is capped with acrylic and QUV tested for U.V. and fade resistance, and is available in Matte, Sandacstle (stucco) and Haircell surface textures.

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