Translucent FAR-Rated Fully-Compliant Parts

Custom-routed to specifications in a variety of textures for aircraft interior components. Provides exceptional visual appeal and meets FAA fire and low-toxicity guidelines.

BOLTARON 9916 Translucent Swatches BOLTARON 9916 Transparent Sheet
Boltaron® 9916 is a tinted sheet material that meets FAR 25.853(a) for flammability and FAR 25.853(d) for rate of heat release and smoke density, while meeting ABD0031 (Airbus) and BSS 7239 (Boeing) toxicity specifications. In class dividers and other partitions, the material's light transmitting properties provide partial privacy while creating an attractive, open environment.

A blue tinted material, it is offered in finished parts that are CNC-routed to customer specifications. Surface finish options, available on one or two sides, include Suede, Stipple, Falmouth, and a range of custom finishes from gloss to matte.

Boltaron 9916's notched Izod impact resistance of 5.3 ft-lb/in. (284 J/m) and its rigidity make it ideal for use in large panels and in damage-prone applications in aircraft interiors. The material can also be heat welded, adhesive bonded and mechanically fastened.

The Boltaron impact resistant FAR 25.853(d) rated product family also includes 9815E extruded sheet, 9815M in metallic finishes, 9815D with unlimited decorative patterns; 9815P in the widest range of textures and 9815F film and thin-gauge sheet for two- and three-dimensional laminating, and Boltaron® 9850 with a 50/50 rate of heat release.

  • Meets FAA fire ratings and low-toxicity guidelines of Airbus and Boeing
  • High impact strength and rigidity
  • Provides partial privacy with good light transmittance
  • Combines partial privacy and an open environment
  • Class dividers
  • Partitions
  • Light diffusion panels
  • Storage area doors
  • Equipment covers

Sizes: routed panels

  • Routed to user specifications
  • Gauges: 0.079, 0.118, 0.157, 0.197, 0.236 in. (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 mm)


  • Blue tint

Surface finishes one or both sides

  • FR
  • TX
  • SQ
  • CH
  • Custom gloss and matte available on request


Specific Gravity ASTM D792 1.310
Tensile Strength at Yield,
50 mm/min
ISO 527 10,878 psi 75 MPa
Tensile Strain at Yield,
50 mm/min
ISO 527 6.6%
Tensile Strain at Break,
50 mm/min
ISO 527 101%
Tensile Modulus,
1 mm/min
ISO 527 362,594 psi 2,500 MPa
Flexural Stress at Yield,
2 mm/min
ISO 178 15,084 psi 104 MPa
Flexural Modulus,
2 mm/min
ISO 178 337,938 psi 2,330 MPa
Izod Impact (notched)
@ 73F (23C)
ISO 180/1A 5.3 ft-lb/in. 284 J/m
Ductility ASTM D256 50%
Instrumented Impact Total Energy, 23C ASTM D3763 69.3 ft-lb 94 J
Water absorption, equilibrium ISO 62 0.24%
Rockwell Hardness ASTM D785 M61, R123
Vicat softening temperature, B/120 ASTM D1525 280F 138C
Heat deflection temperature, 1.82 MPa ASTM D648 257F 125C
Vertical burn, 60 sec FAR 25.583(a) + App.F Pass
Smoke density ABD0031 Pass
Toxicity ABD0031, BSS 7239 Pass
OSU total heat release,
2 min
FAR 25.853(d) App.F <65
OSU peak heat release rate, 5 min FAR 25.853(d) App.F <65

*Independent lab tests. All tests at 73°F (22.8°C) in dry conditions unless otherwise noted.


Impact resistant FAR 25.853(d) sheet grades - opaque Enhanced performance grades Translucent grades Window shade grades Additional Boltaron FAR-rated grades
SIMONA offers the widest product range of PVC sheet and rod — FM 4910 rated sheet — chemical resistant materials from PVC, PP and PE to fluoropolymers — orthotics and prosthetics sheet — Boltaron aircraft sheet — plus proven products for boat building, outdoor furniture and many other industries.
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