Colors, Patterns and Textures of PVC, PVC-alloy and CPVC Performance Sheet


Eliminate Equipment Corrosion, Fluid Contamination
with Heavy-Gauge Thermoplastic Sheet

SIMONA© PVC Type 1 is smooth on both sides and offered in thicknesses up to 4 in. (102 mm) in standard dark gray, white and black colors.

Boltaron heavy-gauge CPVC in thicknesses up to 4 in. (102 mm) is readily machined to produce parts for pumps, tanks and equipment of all types.

This "wet bench" work station fabricated of heavy-gauge Boltaron sheet resists acids and caustics, preventing equipment deterioration and fluid contamination.

Heavy-gauge thermoplastic sheet from Boltaron can be sawn, drilled, tapped welded and mechanically fastened to produce tanks impervious to chemicals across the entire pH range. All fluid contact components of the sump pumps (not visible) are injection molded of the same or similar polymer, eliminating fluid-metal contact.

(Photo courtesy Vanton Pump and Equipment Corp., Hillside, NJ)


Acids and caustics can be handled corrosion-free, and ultrapure liquids contamination-free, with equipment components machined, fabricated or formed with 100% inert, heavy-gauge thermoplastic sheet products

Plants that handle acids and caustics face an on-going battle against corrosion of valves, pumps, tanks, fixtures, enclosures, clean rooms and other equipment and surfaces in constant or incidental contact with corrosive fluids, while plants handling reagent grade chemicals and ultrapure liquids must prevent the ionization of fluids contacting metal anywhere in the process stream.

Stainless steel and high alloys employed for these applications cannot eliminate corrosion and ionization, but certain thermoplastics can, and at a fraction of the price.

Thermoplastics are available that are 100 percent inert to corrosive chemicals across the entire pH range, enabling processors and equipment manufacturers alike to preempt corrosion and contamination, while cutting cost, weight and maintenance significantly.

When purchased in the form of heavy-gauge sheet, these thermoplastics can be machined, fabricated and formed to create an unlimited variety of components that solve chemical processing problems that other materials cannot.

Applications for Ultra-Heavy-Gauge Thermoplastic Sheet

Applications for heavy-gauge thermoplastic sheet can be found in all industries in which acidic, caustic or ultrapure fluids are handled, including: chemical and pharmaceutical processing, semi-conductor manufacturing, biomedical products manufacturing, pollution control, power generation and industrial/municipal wastewater treatment.

Applications for flat, machined and/or formed heavy-gauge thermoplastic sheet in these industries include:

  • Tanks and baffles for corrosive chemicals
  • Metal tank linings
  • Acid etching equipment
  • Wet benches
  • Parts for valves, pumps and other equipment
  • Fume scrubber hoods, ducts and parts of all types
  • Cleanroom walls, partitions and doors
  • Window glazing in cleanroom wall and doors
  • Transparent guards/panels of cleanroom equipment
  • Enclosures for electrical and mechanical equipment of all types
  • Numerous other new and retrofit applications in which equipment corrosion and fluid contamination must be eliminated

Available Grades of Ultra-Heavy-Gauge Thermoplastic Sheet

A variety of sheet grades is offered to provide the chemical resistance, physical properties, fire ratings, thicknesses and opacity/clarity required by application.

  • Various Type I PVC, Type II PVC and CPVC sheet products are available in thicknesses from .018 to 4 inches (0.5 to 102 mm) in widths to 60 in. (1524 mm) and lengths to 120 in. (3048 mm) with custom sizes available
  • Opaque white, gray and colored sheet products are available, as well as blue-tinted and clear sheet (depending on grade) with polished smooth surfaces or a variety of surface textures
  • Sheet products that carry one or more of the following fire ratings are readily available, often from stock, depending on grade, meeting a diversity of end user requirements:
    • ASTM D-1784
    • FM 4910 (Factory Mutual flammability test protocol Class 4910)
    • UL Std 94 V-0
    • FAR 25.853 A1 i, ii (aircraft flammability rating)
    • UL Std 723
  • Grades are available that exhibit Izod impact resistance to 15 ft lbs/in (795 J/m), resisting failure of the part and/or protecting vulnerable equipment being enclosed.

Production Methods Using Ultra-Heavy-Gauge Thermoplastic Sheet

The heavy-gauge thermoplastic sheet products described above can be employed using a wide variety of production methods to suit an equally wide range of new and retrofit applications:

  • Flat laminating
    All gauges of metal, wood, composite, masonry and other substrates can be clad with these sheet products using commercially available adhesives
  • Two-dimensional laminating
    Thin- to medium-gauge sheet can be brake formed to form seamless corners, and post-formed onto routed substrates to eliminate sharp outside corners and seams
  • Thermoforming (three-dimensional)
    Thin- to medium-gauge sheet can be thermoformed to create three-dimensional enclosures, housings, guards and parts of unlimited shapes
  • Machining
    These sheet products can be sawn, drilled, tapped, routed, ground, sanded and otherwise machined using conventional tools
  • Welding, fastening, bonding
    These thermoplastics can be heat welded, bonded using commercially available adhesives, and mechanically fastened using screws, bolts and rivets without the cracking associated with composite materials and certain other thermoplastics, allowing rapid fabrication of components that are easily connected to one another and to other equipment.


Heavy-gauge thermoplastic sheet products available in an ever-widening selection of grades, thicknesses, sizes, opacities and surface finishes, with stringent fire ratings and outstanding physical properties, provide ready-made alternatives to lesser — and often costlier — materials in contact with caustic, acidic and contamination-sensitive fluids.


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