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Rigid Thermoplastic Alloy Sheet Combines Strength
and Beauty in Modular Room Designs

Rigid Thermoplastic Alloy Sheet Combines Strength and Beauty in Modular Room Designs

Structall kick plates clad with Boltaron Rigiwall® sheet resist impact, abrasion, scratching and staining. They are also weatherable and carry a Class 1A fire rating.

Rigid Thermoplastic Alloy Sheet Combines Strength and Beauty in Modular Room Designs

HomePro, Oldsmar, FL, built this Solaris modular room using components from Structall Building Systems. Weatherable and fire rated, Boltaron Rigiwall® sheet protects ground-level panels against mechanical damage and chemical attack both inside and outside of the enclosure.

OLDSMAR, FL — Modular building products are a "sweet spot" for many homeowners and commercial property developers, since they are an economical and relatively easy means of enclosing space for a variety of needs.

One supplier of such products is Structall Building Systems of Oldsmar, FL, a private company that has been in business since 1987. Structall manufactures and distributes components to contractors for modular construction, patio covers and freestanding structures. The range of components includes: structural insulated panels (SIPs) fabricated of thermoplastics, metal and OSB; entry and screen doors; windows; aluminum extrusions; and building hardware. These are used in screen-, glass- and vinyl-enclosed rooms, carports and conservatories attached to houses, as well as large structures like storage centers, warehouses and parking garages.

Aesthetics are central to the design and fabrication of components, especially those for residential applications where buyers want high-performance structures to enhance the look of their homes. One component that Structall has improved upon is kick plates — protective panels for door and ground-level areas of walls that resist damage caused by everything from accidental kicks and furniture dings to impact from golf balls, according to Joe Dean, Marketing Manager for the company.

Structall's kick plate panels consist of a 2 or 3 in. (51 or 76 mm) thick polystyrene (EPS) foam core sandwiched between two sheets of Rigiwall® thermoplastic, a proprietary alloy from Boltaron, Newcomerstown, OH.

The sheet is ordered in two thicknesses — 0.028 and 0.040 in. (0.71 and 1.02 mm) — and several sizes: 4 X 8 ft and 4 X 10 ft (122 X 244 cm and 122 X 305 cm) for wall panels, and a range of dimensions for use in glass doors and screen doors. During assembly, the wall-panel kick plates fit into a groove formed by base and side channels.

The company switched to Boltaron Rigiwall® sheet after using a branded polycarbonate sheet for a number of years. "The Boltaron sheet has properties that make it ideal for residential and commercial building use," says Dean, "including high impact strength despite its relatively thin gauge, abrasion and scratch resistance, Class 1A fire rating, weatherability and resistance to chemicals and stains."

How panels are produced

The panel-assembly process uses a technique that ensures a high level of adhesion between the panels and the foam core without damaging the EPS. The process begins by applying a special adhesive to both sides of the foam core. Boltaron sheet panels are then applied to both sides of the foam core. The laminated structures are stacked at the end of the conveyor and loaded into a cold press to cure for 24 hours.

Structall clads its kick plates with Rigiwall sheet in white, ivory, bronze, adobe and sandstone. Because the color is monolithic, it cannot be scratched off or worn away. Panel textures include sandcastle and stucco on the .028 (0.7 mm) panels, and a deep stucco texture on the .040 (1.02 mm) panels.

"While most doors have a kick plate, not all wall sections of a modular room do. This is because many homeowners want floor to ceiling glass or screen enclosures," Dean says. Nevertheless, the kick plates provide a high level of protection against everyday impacts that could leave small but perceptible dents on an otherwise flawless surface. The thermoplastic sheet is more resistant to such dents than kick plates of aluminum.

Structall supplies contractors and distributors through its own truck fleet from service centers in Lakeland, FL, Oldsmar, FL, St. Gabriel, LA and San Antonio, TX. The company employs 70, and is owned by its president, Steve Meyerson. Structall does business in the U.S., Canada, the Bahamas, the Caribbean and South America.

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